You just bought a hat and you want to keep it in perfect condition as long as possible. Here you will find some tips to prolong the life of your hat.

Good habits to manipulate and keep your hat in good condition

First of all, avoid the maximum of seizing this one by the top cap as is done regularly by the hat bearers. In addition, never place your hat flat on a surface. This could eventually give a bad shape to the edges of your hat.
It is best to return it, or better, to use a hat box provided for this purpose.

Cleaning and Maintenance

To clean a stained straw hat, wipe it with a clean, damp cloth.
For a felt cap, use a soft brush by always going in the opposite direction of the needles of a watch. Repeat each time necessary.
Moreover, to make "relive" the color of your felt, you can boil a saucepan of hot water, in order to get the steam that will make the hair of the hat are rendered original.

Remove Stains

On a felt hat, clean the stains of fat or moisture with a talcum powder by brushing it gently. Never use liquid cleaners.
Especially, never put your hat in a washing machine. For cleaning, please send it to me in order to do a complete cleaning.

Maintenance to fight against moisture

As heat and perspiration can shrink the inner comfort band of the CAP, it is recommended that you never leave it near a lamp or on the rear track of your vehicle.
If your hat has been used in the rain, we advise you to return the inner comfort strip, when it is made of leather, and let it dry without being in contact with the cap. Avoid leaving your wet hat flat. Ventilate your inner Comfort band and Enfain return it regularly outward to allow it to dry when the cap is not in use.
If you have any doubts about the maintenance of your hats, do not hesitate to contact me.

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