The choice of the hat should always respect the shape of the face.
Here are some recommendations from Magalie, your milliner.

A hat that fits you!

Define the shape of your face

It must fit perfectly to the shape of your skull. It should never be too tight or too big.
The edge of the hat should not exceed the width of the shoulders, otherwise it is the hat that one will see and not you.
Broad-brimmed hats are generally more elegant, while short-edged hats are worn in a more casual manner. Of course, the effect of the hat will depend in large part on its material.
Women with a round face will be showcased with a fedora or a Borsalino, adorned with a ribbon or accessory. The round hats, like the bell, are not indicated for this face shape, as they accentuate the roundness of the face.

Recreate the balance

For women with square faces, round hats are an excellent choice. The edges of medium length help to soften the features of the square faces. Hats that have unequal edges also go very well to this face shape. Avoid wide-brimmed models.
Women with elongated faces must recreate a balance through the hat, giving the impression that their face is a little wider than it really is.

Illustration de visage carré, triangle, coeur, ovale, rectangle et rond.

Round and wide-brimmed hats will be perfect for elongated faces. Avoid the caps too high because your face will appear even more elongated.
For the faces in the heart or diamond, your choice will have to be on the hats at medium edges, like the Borsalino. It’s even better if the hat falls a little on your forehead. Avoid high-cap hats.
The women with the oval face are real lucky with regard to the hats. If you respect our general recommendations for the size and length of the edges, most of the models will fit you. All you have to do is try them all and find the one you like the most.

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