Want a hat to add a touch of elegance to your outfit ? Not sure what to choose ?
Some tricks of your milliner.

Hats of yesterday and today

A long history

This is an extremely old accessory, almost as old as the world : Specialists believe that from the prehistory and the first “clothes”, the man already used fur to protect his extremities from the cold.
To this day, things are different. While some models-like the top-of-form-retain a “noble” dimension and connoted, most of the headgear are now portable by the largest number.

The most elegant : the Hat

The felt can be made from sheep wool or, in its more noble versions, of Rabbit or beaver.

The Great classic : the Fedora

This is probably one of the most famous hats. It is often equipped with a wide edge, a hollow cap and a stripe. Made in a fairly supple, thin and comfortable felt, it is sometimes worn in the sun. We also find versions made of cotton, flax…


Symbol of the summer-and of the courses of Roland Garros-is defined more by its material than by its form. It is a finely braided straw hat, which can be more or less angular, rounded, at the edges of varying sizes.

Illustration de visage carré, triangle, coeur, ovale, rectangle et rond.

That being so, it often prints its shape to fedora, almost systematically having a gallon. Very often elegant, Panama fits perfectly with casual chic outfits.
Shirt, white trousers and low sneakers will work perfectly, but Panama also sublimates a costume worn with a t-shirt or open shirt, ambiance sprezzatura. The biggest difficulty will not be to match it, but well to find the “courage” to wear it!

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